Erin Chase Dayton Airport TSA Sexual Assault Hoax? – Our Little Chatterboxes Dayton Airport TSA Sexual Assault Hoax?

After the above link was posted on facebook, my initial reaction was to wonder – “Wow, how could this happen? There has to be more to the story, right? If not, lawsuit time!”

Why? The new enhanced pat downs only occur if you are selected for a 2nd screening and refuse to go through a full body scanner. If airports are without full body scanners, you aren’t subject to enhanced pat downs.

So, I did a little digging around…

a) this is currently the first and only blog posting on the domain: So, the blog exists to supposedly highlight a mother’s journey through speech and developmental delay but the first and only blog posting is about TSA Sexual Assault. I don’t get it.

b) the blogger – going by the name Erin Chase – is more than willing to go on-air and she set-up a specific TSA sexual assault related inbox. I am begging Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, or Sean Hannity bring her on their show without doing their due diligence!

***UPDATE #3: If you are interested in me sharing my story on your radio or news program, please email tsasexualassault (at) gmail.

c) whenever there’s a comment questioning Erin’s legitimacy, a responder mentions that she’s a real person and plugs her cookbook. Genius but shameful marketing?

Early snap judgment: In my opinion, the TSA sexual assault blog posting by Erin Chase is a hoax. A hoax to get people (even more) up in arms with the government. It reminds me of the McVeigh days when some thought the government inserted those small metal bands in our money to track us. Or, that street signs could convert into signs the government entities could use to communicate messages when they were taking us over. Or, that the government could shut off all of our car ignitions if they wanted to.

Question: Where were these hoaxes when republicans were passing the patriot act?

Update 1: The blogger removed her original update #3 where she all but begged to go on-air. See the original Update #3 above. It’s been replaced with…

**UPDATE #3: I have removed all the previous content from the blog, and my other personal blogs, to protect my family and friends

The replacement – rather than simply adding a new update about how all other blog postings have been removed – isn’t weird at all. Hmmm. Also, why isn’t she open to interviews anymore?

Update 2: Disturbing…

Difference between OurLittleChatterboxes? No self/blog/cookbook promotion. Regardless, I’ll do my damnest to track these TSA investigations. Infatuated…

Update 3: Unrelated to the illegitimacy/legitimacy of the Our Little Chaterboxes postings, is my opinion that an easy TSA fix is to give 3 options to passengers selected for a 2nd screening: body scan, pat down, or don’t fly. But, nobody should be forced into sobbing as seen here:

2 thoughts on “Erin Chase Dayton Airport TSA Sexual Assault Hoax? – Our Little Chatterboxes Dayton Airport TSA Sexual Assault Hoax?

  1. I viewed the site’s google cache a few days after the post went public, and saw a couple years’ worth of archives.

    • Thanks for the comment.

      Yeah – I eventually did an advanced search and saw the handful of lame postings. Hence, I struck out “first and only” when typing “first and only blog posting” in the above entry.

      Here’s a screenshot of the google search I ran. Note: It’s also linked in the posing above.

      Previous postings weren’t obtainable by a simple cache search. Strange that Erin blocked search engines from saving cache versions of her page, eh? Specifically, I had to search google for AND also change the dates to something significantly before her TSA posting.

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