WGN Reporter (Pat Tomasulo) Dunks on Kid

”I feel like the lowest person on the planet right now.  Anyway, the Cubs scored.  Actually, I feel really good.  That felt so powerful.”

Pat, no it didn’t.  I’ve unfortunately seen this dude’s shtick before. He tries to be really funny.  He’s not.

Note to Pat Tomasulo: Kids don’t understand “humor” – e.g. taunting them as they’re trying to cover you, dunking on them, and then taunting them once more after the damage as been done.

Ries, thank you.

P.S.  I think Pat was carrying the ball at the top of the clip.  Turnover.

2 thoughts on “WGN Reporter (Pat Tomasulo) Dunks on Kid

  1. It makes you wish the kid with the Lacrosse stick would cross check him to the back of the skull. That would be instant classic. douchebag of the year goes to…

  2. Pat interviewed my 8yr old today. We were given questions in advance to prep… instead this idiot asked my son if he had a girlfriend, and “Don’t you have any friends?” what an idiot.

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