Alexi Giannoulias Grassroots Campaign – Joke?

Alexi Giannoulias – one of the wealthiest/shadiest people in Chicago (bold statement, I know) – sent out an email today to his supporters regarding a recently launched grassroots campaign for his Senate bid.  See screenshot of email below.

What’s next – Louis Vuitton begging Street Performers to camp out  in front of their Magnificent Mile storefront?

The last person in the world that should put together a grassroots political campaign is Alexi Giannoulias.  Ok, Donald Trump is the last person.  Ok, there are a few other people that shouldn’t put together a grassroots campaign. Regardless, somebody advising Alexi needs to…

a) be fired for suggesting/approving/launching such a campaign.  Alexi isn’t dumb enough to come up with this idea on his own.

b) let him know there isn’t a single “common person” compassionate enough to support a corrupt politician in a grassroots like manner. He should stick to what works – deep pocket supporters.

But, with an unlimited amount of money on hand, Alexi can make mistakes like launching this (confusing) campaign.

Side note: Please dear god let Lisa Madigan run for Senator and not Governor since Illinois doesn’t need another Senate episode like Burris/Blago.  Giannoulias will eventually be (more) exposed.   If she decides to run for Governor, please dear god let Alexi be (more) exposed before the Democratic Senate primary wraps up.  If not, the gop (they still exist, right?) will actually challenge for the seat because of blago, burris, and the dirt they’ll throw towards Giannoulias.

Read up…

“The NY Post story references the many questions about Giannoulias’ ties to organized crime through Broadway Bank, a Chicago bank that his family owns and where Alexi Giannoulias listed himself both as President and as Chairman of the Board on FEC filings surrounding the campaign contributions mentioned above. According to a Chicago Tribune article from 2006, Giannoulias “has faced questions about the bank’s multi-million dollar loans to Michael Gioranago, a convicted bookmaker and prostitution ring promoter.” Barack Obama was quoted in the article as saying that he “is concerned by revelations that the bank owned by Illinois Democratic treasurer nominee Alexi Giannoulias’ family gave loans to a Chicago crime figure and said the candidate owes him and the public a full accounting.” And while Giannoulias claimed that the loans to Gioranago were made “before he became a full-time bank employee”, “newly discovered public records show Broadway Bank made $11.8 million in additional mortgage loans to Giorango just last year. Giannoulias said he oversaw the servicing of those loans.” Giannoulias also appears to have lied about the bank’s financing of a casino boat marina. And in what may or may not be an ugly coincidence, convicted felon Tony Rezko racked up $450,000 in gambling debts by writing bad checks on his Broadway Bank account. According to Crain’s Chicago Business, “Obama kept his 2004 Senate campaign funds” at Broadway Bank as well.”

Click on screenshot a few times to enlarge…

grassroot joke

Gordon, thank you for forwarding the email.

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