Craigslist Killer Update: Did Philip Markoff Have a Gambling Problem?

A rare midworkday posting…

The Boston Herald should be crediting their sources – – ha!

As originally seen on here…

Update 2: Why did Phil need money so bad?  The site had a honeymoon poll (again, more screenshots tonight) and there was an option to vote for Mohegan Sun Resort.  Seriously – a casino in Connecticut for a honeymoon?  Yeah, yeah – he was in med school so they were broke.  The poll even indicated they would take a real honeymoon in 8 years.  But, a casino in Connecticut made the list of 4?  Gambling problem? We’ll see…

Update 3: Unbelievable…

“Prosecutors say they traced an e-mail address used to set up an appointment with masseuse Julissa Brisman of New York City to Markoff, who was on his way to Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut with his fiancee when he was arrested…

Dude could have always reached out to Gamblers Anonymous.  I wonder if Rounders was his favorite movie?  The house always wins, Phil!

Side note: Without being said, Megan should definitely consider going to Gam-Anon should Phil be convicted and if gambling losses are considered a motive for the robberies/killing.

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