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  1. Good work, Columbo!!
    This is turning out to be some story…a “made for tv movie” just waiting to happen….
    very sad…and it looks like he did this all because of “debt”….

  2. Yep! Gambling debt. Stupid. Daddy’s a dentist, gramps an attorney. Money coming out his wahzoo. He’s going to one of the most prestigious schools in America, and this is what his life has become. What an a$$hole.

  3. Can someone please find out and report who created the purple paged wedding page? I know the blue one floating around was on “The Knot” which is part of the Wedding Channel’s website, but it’s the one with zinotype font and a purple background I’m curious about.

  4. Thank God that woman will not marry that Psycho. If she did she will be ending up like Lacey Peterson and other women that were killed by their boyfriends or husbands because they thought they’r men can’t hurt a fly.

  5. I agree akilez….this is the same “Scott Peterson” mentality …
    this guy, from what it appears …came from a “good” family…smart and spoiled and probably never heard the word NO… he thought he was smart enough to get out of this,too….arrogant and smart…which also goes right along with most med students/doctors I know…(egomaniacs)…I just don’t get it…how people like this think that they are above the law and can get away with something like this…
    instead of asking his family to bail him out of debt…now…his life is basically over…
    along with the poor girl he killed in the hotel…
    so smart…but, so dumb!!!
    That creepy Drew Peterson is the only case I know of where the killer is running around free….most always they get caught…

    • Peterson has been arrested since these first posts, and you are right, they get caught. Tomorrow is the big day in court in Boston for Markoff.

  6. Do you see kids?
    This is what Narcissism can do to you!!

    A perfect sociopath who lived a double life. And his fiance crying in his defense. You’ll see, once she snaps out of it, she’ll realize how close she was to disappearing. But then again…maybe she wouldn’t.

    Im speaking from experience. I dated a sociopath and defended him until the bitter end where I almost lost MY life. NEVER AGAIN!!

  7. It’s sad to see many “med” or “pre-med” self-screwed up. But no pity on their “super-egomaniac”! I have loved my self and my life so much that I ran away from them, and they all turned out screwed up one way or another. One had out-of-wedlock kids while in med school; another stuck with a nurse after making her pregnant and then after 2 kids getting an expensive divorce; another ran to Las Vegas for golden opportunity but got screwed up by a real estate agent and stuck in the miđle of financial and housing crisis; one more was a papa-boy, so emotional and anti-westernization and got sent back home to work for his Dad. As it turned out, education is not enough; knowledge from life challenges and mental stability are powerful.

  8. generalizations killed the cat. nevermind, it was curiosity that killed the cat.

    Regardless, I know many doctors and they’re all completely normal. I know many line workers and they’re pretty crazy. But, it’s probably unfair to say all line workers are crazy.

    • Not meantto stereotype the docs, but honestly the types that I met are young (gen-X) generation. Don’t get me wron. I always respect the older generation docs, who always carry highly-respected manners and dignity. But at the end of all thoughts, doctors are also human beings.

  9. Unfair Indeed!! Crazy doesn’t know how much money you have!!
    or How smart you are?? or How well educated or if you have no education…

    I was reading some of the “captures” from the wedding website…poor girl…I see they blocked off some hotel rooms for guests….
    all I could think was…geez…that’s not the only hotel he was blocking off rooms at ….
    I feel bad for all involved…
    as a parent…my heart breaks for his parents….and the parents of the girls he attacked!!
    This is tragic…
    but, if his moral character ( or lack therof) is what it is…I’m glad he is off the streets…he could have done more harm …especially once he became a doctor…
    who knows!!

    • His parents helped create what he became. Don’t doubt that for a minute. There were obviously red flags that which people chose to ignore.

      An addictive, arrogant, murderer. I feel bad for the woman who was involved with him. Who knows what her fate may have been living with such a monster.

  10. This is such a sad story. The loss of life and for the other two women a loss of trust and well-being. For the fiancee a loss of the love of her life and certainly a loss of confidence in picking a mate. For the Parents of those attacked/killed such pain. For the parents of the suspect, shock, pain, despair, anguish and embarrassment. For the friends and extended families of both the victims and the suspect, unbelieveable confusion and loss of trust and confusion that they were hoodwinked. It is time for the fiancee to protect herself if she ever wants to be a doctor because the longer she claims Philip is innocent the less likely she will ever see her medical career go forward and prosper. I would never go to her for medical advise if she can’t see what is blatantly in front of her.

  11. Wait a sec, guys… Don’t you know that this killer is guilty until the court agrees with the press and the cops? 😉

  12. Why is it that women always turn their noses up at us nice guys and go for the sociopaths & psychopaths instead?!

    It’s just not fair….it’s enough to make a nice guy want to go on a killing spree.

    Jimmy D.

    • what???
      Don’t Do It Jimmy D. !!!!
      The perfect girl is out there for you …she will come into your life when you are not trying so hard to make someone come into your life…funny how life happens that way…
      good luck!

  13. Check out “Sword and Scale” on Podcast for the ENTIRE story…BTW You will find other gory stories here. The narrator – the infamous Mike Boudet !!!

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