How I Downgraded from iPhone Firmware 2.2.1 to 2.2

UPDATE: iPhone firmware 2.2.1 jailbreak released by QuickPWN.  Click here for information.

So, after upgrading to iPhone firmware 2.2.1, I needed to downgrade to iPhone firmware 2.2 so that my phone could be jailbroken. I posted the following blog entries highlighting my frustrations…

Peeps in the forums were saying the iPhone 2G downgrade from 2.2.1 to 2.2 was working ok. Or, if you had a 3G phone, you could downgrade to software 2.2 from 2.2.1 if you ejected your syncing phone at the right time.

Here’s what I did.  But, seeing that I started doing something I know nothing about at 2:00 am CST, the details may be a little foggy.  Maybe not a step-by-step guide but a good enough explanation…

  • Like everyone, my firmware was reading 2.2.1. So, I held down the Shift key on my keyboard and clicked Restore. I found the 2.2 ipsw file. See image here
  • An error message popped. I don’t have an image of this error message. But, it said something about an unknown error (some number) occurring.
  • I ran QuickPWN 2.2.
  • The process jailbroke my phone. But, there were no contacts, music, email, movies, etc. saved.
  • So, I pretty much gave up and restored the phone from my 1/16/2009 backup. I’ve done this like 10 times over the past few days.
  • But, as the restore began on my jailbroken phone missing all my data, I noticed that the “Automatically sync when this iPhone is connected” box was still checked.
  • So, as my phone was restoring back to 1/16/2009, I went to Edit -> Preferences -> Devices and checked “Disable automatic syncing for iPhones and iPods.” See image here
  • This checking of the box interrupted the restore and sync that was being communicated between iTunes and my iPhone.
  • The interruption allowed the jailbreak to remain in place (I had access to Cydia), my firmware to revert back to 2.2, and my iPhone 3G to retain all its music, movies, contacts, email, text messages, etc. See image here and here
  • But, I didn’t have cellphone signal – only WiFi – and my clock was 2 hours behind. It was 4:50+ am and not 2:50+ am. See image here
  • So, I restarted my computer and iPhone and restored (shift + restore) again from the .ipsw file and ran QuickPWN 2.2 again.
  • I had all my music, contacts, emails, text messages, etc. and cellphone service after restoring to the backup I saved earlier in the morning. My clock caught up as well.

The following is a final screenshot of my jaibroken iPhone 3G before I took off for work…



P.S. Yes, I have some really random Apps from the App Store. I’ve deleted many of them – e.g. Google Earth – several times but the back-ups always restore to my previously installed Apps.  Soon to be deleted for good!

Update: Another screenshot of my jailbreak featuring the five icon dock from Cydia…

23 thoughts on “How I Downgraded from iPhone Firmware 2.2.1 to 2.2

  1. Hi I have the same issue you did, and I managed to downgrade to 2.2, I have all my contacts, cydia, installer, etc…but my clock is 3 hours behind and no phone signal. I tried to reinstall the 2.2 firmware again, but it gave me the same error message, I proceeded to run quickpwn anyway and then select a restore point from a few days ago, when the phone was already jailbroken…where am I going wrong? Thanks for the help!

  2. After my iPhone clock was all cracked out, I restarted my iPhone AND computer. Once both were restarted, I restored (shift + restore) again from the .ipsw file and ran QuickPWN 2.2. Everything worked itself out from there.

    So, I guess my suggestion is to make sure you restart your computer and iPhone when you get to the point that everything is perfect except for your clock being behind.

  3. I tried all of the above and after getting the 1013 error from iTunes I ran QuickPWN and WinPWN and each app would crash with a “Windows unexpected error” message. I couldn’t even get it to restore back to the 2.2.1 FW. Finally I had to restore it in Vista (the previous attempts were all made in XP). That finally worked, but now I’m back to square one…arrgghh

  4. I restored my iPhone 3G with iTunes with the 2.2 .ipsw file. Towards the end of the restore i got an error 10xx. I ran QuickPWN 2.2 and jailbroke it. I then got no cellular service and my clock was not adjusted. I restored again in the same way with iTunes and got the same error. I then ran QuickPWN 2.2 again and jailbroke it. I still got no service and my clock was not adjusted. I then restored to my old back up from iTunes and got all my data and everything worked including the clock etc.. EXCEPT i still got no cellular service. This is killing me! I need it immediatly.

    Please Help ASAP!

  5. my back up is on my mac. Something is wrong and my Mac QuickPwn isn’t working. So everything to do with iTunes i did on my mac except for the QuickPWN parts which i used a PC for. So i really didn’t know which one to restart.

  6. Hi there,

    I liked your post and really appreciate it but i have a serious problem for which i want a solution and hope that you will help me in getting out of this problem.
    I upgraded my iphone 3g to 2.2.1 and it was working good and the next day i installed theme on my iphone and went into safe mode after restarting, at the same time i downgraded it to firmware 2.2 but it is not coming out of DFU mode and if i try to upgrade it again to 2.2.1 it gives some error.

    Please help me and send me a solution.

    Hope for a favorable response.




  8. can you make a video because i cant put a sim card in my iphone 1g because it will be charged with data package and so i updated and now i have to activate it! holy shit nooooooooooooooooooo! and so i need to know how to downgrade it please im desperate! if anyone knows how to do this send me a messege at to tell me pleeeeeeeaaase!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. hi,
    I upgraded my iphone to firmware 2.2.1 along with baseband 2.30 so it locked I tried to downgrade it and could downgrade to 2.2 but baseband yet is 2.30 so I can’t unlock it can anyone help me please asap thanks

  10. hi, i have downgraded my 2.2.1 to 2.2, but the signal is not working, i restarted PC and the iphone and reinstalled the .ipsw, but it gives an error code 1013, so i went straight to the QuickPWN 2.2 again and installed it successfully, but still its not giving signal, plesae help me on this, thank you all

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