john mccain on Meet the Press – My Follow-Up Questions

Though I’ve despised Meet the Press since Tim Russert’s passing as originally seen on here, I have to congratulate Tom Brokaw for conducting his first worthwhile interview since taking over for the legend.

Today’s aired interview with mccain was a few segments long.  One of the segments was a sad look at mccain saying ALL the recent national and more importantly battleground state polls don’t matter.  As originally seen on here, I don’t think he realizes that his campaign only has 6 days to live.

Regardless, below is the most damning segment for the mccain campaign during this week’s episode.  One of the many highlights at the 6:44 mark.

A few post interview questions for the ever so feisty/grumpy john mccain…

1) You do realize that your party is responsible for our current 10 trillion dollar debt, correct?  Are you now running as an independent rather than a republican? Ah, you’re probably running as a maverick.

2) As you stated, a financial crisis of monumental proportions requires a government bailout (aka socialism) of the financial industry. Fair enough.  But, didn’t you just nullify palin and your recent bullsh!t “Obama is a socialist” claims by supporting the bailout and (more ridiculously) proposing that the government buys out way overvalued mortgage loans at grossly inflated prices?

3)  Do you think the struggling workers in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, etc. making less than $250,000 a year would mind a middle class tax cut? I don’t think it’s a smart idea to continuously deem such a tax cut for the middle class as “spreading the wealth.”

4) On that note, do you think those losing their jobs wouldn’t mind the government “spreading the wealth” as they struggle to fine a new job and – in many cases – a new career? You’re not winning over any unemployed middle class voters concerned with how they’re going to put food on the table.

5) So, you can’t truly believe that people making under $250,000 would mind a tax break.  When you say Obama wants to spread the wealth, are you trying to drive fear in to WHITE voters minds’ that their hard earned money will go directly into the pocket of poor lazy black people?

Spot the black person in this mccain campaign ad…

6)  You essentially have promoted the same tax plan as george bush’s and look where that has gotten us as a county. Do you think the middle class appreciate the top .1% and 1% receiving a greater percentage of tax decrease than 98.9% percent of the rest of the country?

Tax plan comparisons:

7)  Can you please admit that the republican theory of trickle down economics going back to reagan – the most overrated president of our time – fails horribly?

National debt reminder:

8 ) You seem to erratically compare Obama’s tax plan to that of herbert hoover.  Was hoover a republican or a democrat? I’ll help you out you senile old fck – hoover was a republican.  A Democrat named FDR bailed hoover’s sorry a$$ out similar to what Obama will do after bush’s disastrous 8 years.

9) How do you not understand the struggles of Michigan’s economy? The only reason the state of Michigan raised taxes is because it was and is literally going bankrupt with the failure of the automotive and manufacturing industries. You can only increase revenue by cutting costs – which the government in Michigan is currently running on bare bones – and trying to earn more revenue through taxes.

10)  Those companies you mentioned like Fedex, eBay, and Cisco systems aren’t going to Ireland because of decease in business taxes.  They companies are going to India because labor is cheaper.  So, why do you support giving tax breaks to greedy publicly traded companies that ship jobs overseas solely to seek cheaper labor?

11) How are those fundamentals of our economy, you piece of shiat?

2 thoughts on “john mccain on Meet the Press – My Follow-Up Questions

  1. Hey,

    Well I guess we are entering the final stretch. As always it will come down to the swing voters, though I have to admit that I have never seen a presidential race loose as much steam in its final moments as this one has. Once again we seem to be choosing between the lesser of two evils and we are simply shooting for everyone to walk away unhappy. Regardless of your political affiliation I would simply encourage you to get out and VOTE on November fourth, and show your support for American political institutions.

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