mccain’s Campaign has 6 Days to Live

After watching some boring a$$ Obama (Nevada) and mccain (New Mexico) rallies this morning where the candidates simply recite their stump speech for the 300th time – I’m definitely one of few watching this crap – it dawned on me that only 6 days remain in this race.  Confused?

Outside of sports upsets, incredible plays, and/or gruesome injuries, nothing newsworthy happens during any given the weekend.  The coverage on election day will be all about the turn out and nothing about political issues. So…

11 calendar days until November 4th

– 4 weekend days

– election day

+ being down between 7 and 12 points in every national poll and getting worked in battleground states

= major mccain camp panic and only 6 days to DRASTICALLY turn the tide.


P.S.  Though it doesn’t matter, mccain did look like he had more energy than normal when he delivered his bullsh!t “Democrats will tax you” stump speech.

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