Minnesota Town Hall Rally Video – mccain Gets Booed Then Pulls Mic from Old Lady After “Obama is an Arab” Comment

Ouch! Which other base of his support is mccain going to offend next? As seen originally on BccList.com here, there are only three types of republicans – rich, racist, and religious.

He already offended rich republicans with his “Georgetown cocktail party” rant seen here. As seen below, he just offended the racist republicans. By the way, I love the anguish you can hear in the crowd’s boos and jeers! Up next, are there plans to somehow offend the religious republicans?

“We’re scared of an Obama presidency” and… “I’ve heard about him and – he’s not, he’s not, he’s a – he’s an Arab.”

I actually feel bad for the old lady at the end of the clip as she walks away shrugging her shoulders thinking “well, I tried.”

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