A “Red Sox Nation” Counter

I would turn this into a drinking game – a shotgun beer every time this painful line gets said – but, I don’t want to visit the hospital with alcohol poisoning as this would prove embarrassing for anyone over the age of 25.

Regardless, as long as I’m not forgetting about any plans tonight, I’ll be keeping a live running tally of each time an announcer says the most obnoxious phrase ever – “Red Sox Nation” – during tonight’s Game 1 of the ALCS. My conservative guess is at least 20-30 times. This could potentially put my blood alcohol level in the “emergency room” zone.

Update: Damnit – I’m an idiot. The game is in Tampa Bay tonight. So, game 3 will be a nightmare and I’ll wait to run the tally until then. Although, I’m confident “Red Sox Nation” will be brought up at least 10 times tonight.

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