mccain and Obama Debate #2 Recap – Belmont University

As was debate #1, tonight’s debate was lame as hell. Seriously, these guys are politicians. A requirement of this job title is knowing how to debate. While Obama seemingly “won” – backed up by the CNN uncommitted Ohio Voters meter – these guys suck ass.

Here’s what we got so far – best to worst debate performances during the general election…

1) Biden
2) Obama #1
3) Obama #2
4) mccain #2
5) mccain #1
6) palin

P.S. Each of the 3 moderators so far have been fcking brutal – but, Tom Brokaw has easily been the worst. Why can’t Tim Russert still be alive? He’d moderate a fcking debate like it’s supposed to be moderated and at least make things somewhat interesting even with this sorry cast.

3 thoughts on “mccain and Obama Debate #2 Recap – Belmont University

  1. Obama could not pass a background check with his mysterious pass.

    Hmmm lived in Indonesia, Kenyan father with ties to radical government officials, half brother living in box in Kenya on a dollar a day, had a Saudi Muslim write a letter to get him into Harvard (why not release your grades from Columbia?) Did you not get into Harvard without shell money from the Saudi’s to fund your education? Who paid off your student loans? Release those documents Obama.

    Then you have a Pakistani roommate in college and head to Pakistan for 6 weeks? French Riveria? NO but Pakistan. THen you are associated with Louis Farrakahn and Rashid Kashid and then 20 years with Rev. Wright….. PATTERN?

    Ask yourself if the Feds would not pass an average person with a background check such as this handling your US information, why would you vote for this MYSTERIOUS guy?????

    Voting for McCain the true patriot!!!!!

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