Fed Emergency Rate Cut – Welcome Back $4+ a Gallon Gas

The Fed – less than 30 minutes ago – cut the interest rate. Of course, I highly disagree with a rate cut since $5.00 a gallon gas, $4.50 a gallon milk, and $3.50 for a loaf of bread doesn’t excite me.  But, the Fed’s previous incompetency have resulted in a no win situation.

This interest rate cut along with the bailout means there will be too many US Dollars in the market at too cheap of a price. Translated: the cost of goods will skyrocket as Americans make their same non adjusted for inflation pay. Please see the following “definition” of inflation. I’m begging you to do so.


Bla, bla, bla – here’s the important part of this posting…

We originally made REALLY GOOD money shorting crude oil futures here. Currently, you should be in another short position around the $95-$100 a barrel range as mentioned here. Get out of this trade IMMEDIATELY since all commodities – in a “normal” trading market – should immediately spike in price after a Fed interest rate cut.

Hey, we’re not to the $80 a barrel target price I predicted but you’ll be making a pretty good profit by buying back at the current price of $89 a barrel. DO NOT WAIT TO GET OUT OF A SHORT/SELL POSITION ON ANY COMMODITY – THE SKY IS NOW THE LIMIT ON THESE PRICES.

P.S.  I’ll call it now – within the next few days Iran will do something stupid so the analysts can blame a spike in oil futures price on instability in the middle east.  Or, maybe OPEC will conveniently cut production.

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