Live Blogging – mccain and Obama Debate #1 in Mississippi at Ole Miss – Foreign Policy

The live blogging from tonight’s debate will be short and sweet.

Nobody hit a home run.  Nobody won.  What a boring ass debate! mccain looked senile several times. Obama fortunately answered the questions directly – for the most part – rather than try to lecture everyone. Regardless, lame as hell.

On a side note, why and the hell won’t Obama come out and straight up say that the surge has UNDOUBTEDLY NOT WORKED as originally seen on here and here? All Obama has to say is the following: “Our troops are fighting their asses off. They are doing an outstanding job. But, while Iraq has a surplus being of money stored in New York banks, we have bridges falling and markets crashing. This expensive/unfounded war and surge are ruining us systematically.”

Update: 10:34 pm EDT – Isn’t it past mccain’s bed time?

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