Obama’s 8 Years as State Legislator – Forgotten?

Why is the gop and mccain camp purposely excluding Obama’s 8 years as a state legislator as political experience?

This is a “karl rove” move if I’ve ever seen one and shamefully I think most Americans are stupid enough to believe that palin and Obama have somewhere around the same amount of experience.

It’s not like Obama’s political experience includes merely being part of the PTA (palin), the mayor of a village with less than 8,000 people (palin), and/or 2 years governing a corrupt/worthless state while knee deep in scandals (palin).

Political experience aside, palin and Obama are on two different playing fields.  For example, he articulately outlines his vision of America in “Audacity of Hope.”  She asks a church to pray for a pipeline.  Assuming mccain dies from old age well within 4 years, who do you think is fit to be the next president?

Don’t worry – you probably won’t have to answer that as I assume she won’t be on the ticket in a few days.

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