joe lieberman Suggests He’s a Democrat at the republican National Convention

Hey joe,

Heads up – make sure you CLEARLY realize one thing…you’re not a Democrat.  The dems definitely don’t want you back.  You better stay an Independent because you’re mocked by the gop as well.  It has to suck when EVERYONE outside of east coast despises you.

Lowlights of lieberman’s prepared remarks at the rnc:

“And that brings me directly to why I am here tonight.  What after all is a democrat like me doing at a republican convention like this?  Well, I’ll tell you what.  I’m here to support john mccain because country matters more than party.  I am here tonight for a simple reason – john mccain is the best choice to bring our country together and lead our country forward.  And dear friends, I’m here tonight because john mccain’s whole life testifies to a great truth.  Being a democrat or republican is important but it is nowhere as important as being an American.”

It’s a shame this wrinkly piece of shiat is so hell bent on protecting Israel while bombing the piss out of the Middle East.  Outside of this anomaly, I’m not sure what lieberman has in common with mccain except the senior discount at Denny’s. 

AWKWARD rnc moment!

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