Democratic National Convention – Day 1 Recap

Fortunately, I had the convention coverage dvr-ed so I was able to skip all the weird live filler commentary from pundits.

Aesthetics: C- at best. Dark, blue lights, high tech, and awkward women crying/chanting.  Enough to make any republican puke.  I’m thinking the gop will make their floor well lit (good idea) and chuck-full of kazoos, those plastic things that sport fans hit together, belt buckles, cowboy hats, etc.  Which, in turn, will make any democrat puke.

Pelosi: D-.  Seriously, shut up.  Teresa Heinz Kerry is waiting to have a spot of tea and scone.  This is coming from a guy that’s a supporter of the democratic congress since they’re stuck between a rock and a hard place without having enough of a majority to do anything real.  But, Nance, why do you exist?

Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter: C. I’m glad that parade is over though I must admit that Rosalynn Carter is still put together well for being 81.

Caroline Kennedy: B+.  Class act.  Great introduction for Ted.  She was sort of like a robot though when passionately (maybe? – I couldn’t really tell) trying to explain that this is undoubtedly a crucial time for our country.

Ted Kennedy: B+.  I was able to focus on what he was saying after I finally got “Bridge Over Troubled Water” out of my head.  Actually, I first had to stop trying to find his scar.  Regardless, attaboy.  It’s weird watching somebody on TV that could just as easily be dead.  But, he delivered a pretty good speech.  I hope he’s around long enough to see Obama in office since his endorsement was instrumental in turning the tides back in Obama’s favor during the primary.

Chris Matthews Commentary Regarding Ted Kennedy: F. WTF?  “Well, we’re seeing a prominent Kennedy man finally enter old age.”  Chris, seriously?  Ted is about to die.  There’s no reason to remind us all about JFK, RFK, and JFK Jr.

Craig Robinson: A. Outside of the awkward shout out to the Oregon State Beavers – yes, he said “Beavers” on stage – Craig delivered a great introduction for Michelle.

Michelle Obama: A-.  Outstanding speech that should help alleviate her from the militant mom role.  Easily the best speech that’s come out of the campaign since Super Tuesday.  Almost perfect but her voice and mannerisms somehow reminded me of when my mom used to read “The Tall Book of Christmas” at bedtime during the holiday season.

Malia and Sasha: A+. They stole the show as seen here and via the video below.  As Olbermann commented, “I think they just wrapped up the election.”  He wasn’t kidding.  Nor am I though it was sealed up well before this Cosby Show moment.

P.S.  I fast forwarded through much of the convention and commentary.  I may have missed a speech or two and definitely missed most of the lame commentary.

8 thoughts on “Democratic National Convention – Day 1 Recap

  1. Nice commentary up to the Olbermann quote; Olbermann is someone that you guys should abandon and get far away from…he’s one of the looney left that gives the rest of you guys a ‘black eye’ to the American people.

  2. Also: It seemed to me that last night wasn’t as ‘impacting’ as I would have otherwise anticipated it to be…for only having 4 nights, I thought the Democrats squandered the first night, although Michelle my Belle gave a good speech, she reads very well. 🙂

  3. Olbermann can definitely come across as obnoxious to republicans. But, regardless of your party, you have to give him credit for leading a well put together prime time cable show. Seriously, even if you don’t like what he’s reporting, the show is well crafted. Sort of like Meet the Press before Russert passed.

  4. He’s well crafted and well funded, money helps. That doesn’t change the fact that he’s still a huge liability for the Lib’s…but hey, he’s on your side of the fence and I couldn’t be any happier about that.

  5. I thought it was a good enough lineup for day one although the dems need to light up the floor more to make the convention seem less like a funeral. I assure you the gop will have a well lit floor and focus on making sure everyone on their floor is smiling, doing something quirky, and having a great time though our country is slowing getting flushed down the shitter.

    I know one thing for sure – the gop’s day one a) won’t be watched by anyone except blowhard republicans and b) will be lame as hell.

  6. Rush Limbaugh is a great American and a true Conservative. Bill O’Reilly is a little much for me sometimes; I am looking forward to his 25 part series ‘exposing’ the real Barack Obama though, it should be interesting.

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