8 thoughts on “K-Ci and Jo Jo – Jo Jo Passes Out – Man Down!

  1. WTF?? Don’t check that he is breathing or make sure his heart is still working…guess it is true what they say…”crack will make you pass out.”

  2. Since this has clearly had an impact on you, I thought you’d want to hear what K-Ci has to say about it. It’s inadvertently amusing:

    From http://www.perezhilton.com

    “K-Ci wants y’all to know that his bro JoJo did NOT pass out during their Australian concert this past Saturday because of drugs.

    JoJo’s epileptic and the 20 hour flight to Oz did a number on his body, revealed K-ci to New York’s Hot 97 Monday morning.

    K-Ci also said he did not show concern initally when JoJo ‘passed out’ mid-way through their most popular song, All My Life, because laying down on stage is something that JoJo occasionally does when they perform.

    K-Ci had strong words for Bill Gates as well. Frustrated by all the drug claims being hurled at brother JoJo on the internets, he railed at Gates for ‘inventing the computer’.

    And to prove that the bros don’t do drugs, he told the Hot 97 crew that he can’t even spell the word ‘cocaine’ and that he avoids drinking Coke because it sounds too much like ‘cocaine’.

    Are y’all satisfied with K-Ci’s explanations?”

  3. I have no doubt that K-Ci and Jo Jo can’t spell cocaine, let alone their own names.I think it’s great that they’re FINALLY calling out the internets and Bill Gates for being the root of the drug related claims…priceless.

    These clowns should be flipping burgers instead of ‘entertaining’ people. Maybe they will stay down under.

  4. I can’t believe you would doubt me! I’m deeply hurt and offended. Perez Hilton is a serious journalist with nothing but integrity and truth in his reporting. Ha! I can’t believe I was able to type all that without laughing..ha!

    And to Ryan..don’t pretend like you guys wouldn’t hire them 😉

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