The Clinton/Obama Voter Drama = Garbage

I’m going to vomit if I see one more NYT, MSN, Drudge Report, CNN, etc. headline reading to the equivalent of “Hillary Voters Threaten to Become Stupid.”

This is a mainstream media fairy tale that receives click throughs (web traffic pays the bills) from both the left and the right.  There is no story.  Few – if any – of Hillary’s 18 million supporters would be stupid enough to vote for mccain or refuse to vote.  If they are, as posted originally on here, good riddance!

Note to the gop and mccain camp – it’s probably not a smart idea to help sell this storyline since you’re going to look pretty fcking stupid once the MSM finally reports that the party is united at the end of the week.  If the mccain camp wasn’t run by imbeciles, they would have figured this out already.  But, I digress…

“Debra,” not a lot of Democrats will vote republican.  It’s not ok, really.  You’re in a commercial pushing a bullsh!t agenda for an elderly man out of touch with reality that was only propped up as the nominee in hindsight because the gop couldn’t acknowledge a mormon, fred thompson is as likeable as an old broken down basset hound, and video of giuliani dressing in drag came to light.

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