Goldman Sachs: Hire Me!

Oil futures dip below $111 towards $110 a barrel…

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I’m still waiting for The Wall Street Journal’s offer letter.

2 thoughts on “Goldman Sachs: Hire Me!

  1. Although wasn’t your reasoning a bit off? Everything I’ve seen states the drop in oil pricing is in large part due to the drop in demand, down 800,000 barrels per day over the first half of the year. While I’m sure not lowering interest rates has certainly helped, I am not so sure just hinting has a possible increase has had as much effect as the drop in demand. Don’t want to pop that massive head of yours, just didn’t want you to be disappointed when that offer letter didn’t come in. 🙂

  2. Demand has nothing to do with the original drop in oil futures prices.

    The suggestion of an interest rate hike during the Fed’s June meeting – the minutes publicly released mid July – caused the original drop.

    I’m sure demand is down…this could cause oil futures to trade below $100 a lot quicker. But, as I’ve been talking about since May, the hint of an interest rate hike should have been discussed publicly well before mid July.

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