Nobody Reads the Newspaper Anymore!

So, this article is worthless – other than to get a quick chuckle – because some old (yet seductive looking) lady reported that a candidate got more first page newspaper articles than the other.

Update: I stand corrected.  The blog posting title should read, “Nobody Reads the Newspaper Anymore Except Me!”

2 thoughts on “Nobody Reads the Newspaper Anymore!

  1. And me. I think you’re discounting the number of people who read a newspaper. While it’s not like 20 years ago, when everyone read some kind of newspaper, I think there are still a lot of people who do. Although I agree, it’s a pointless article. Nobody notices who getting more first page stories. Well, nobody but the lady who wrote the article. She’s a real looker!

  2. 2 people. Seriously though – how many people still read the newspaper at dinner like the good ole boring days? My parents used to read the newspaper every night. Now, I think they only get the Sunday paper and that’s just for the coupons and obituaries.

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