Dear, Russia…Welcome Back! Love, Cuba

I’m sure the above will help speed along a more forceful Russian presence in Cuba again. Perfect!

Ah, the good ole cold war days…

2 thoughts on “Dear, Russia…Welcome Back! Love, Cuba

  1. I like the map. I used to think another cold war would be good, but it’s not going to be…and it’s on its way back! It’s time to beef up our military again to cold war standards… By the way, the ‘letter’ on redshield, a blogger in Oklahoma City is one of the most liberal things I’ve seen in print in a long time, or at least since I read a few articles on MSNBC this morning…some of your liberal friends are very angry and completely off-base.

  2. We could beef up our military if they weren’t knee deep in sand.

    I prefer a more sane approach of dealing with world affairs. But, an unfounded threat of war with Russia will definitely make things more interesting on the nightly news.

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