Have Republicans Lost Faith Within Their Party?


Yeah, the above link is “old.” It was on Drudge earlier this week. But, it would have made the original Bcc:List eventually.

“Republican voters increasingly say they have lost faith in the party and might not vote this year, compounding headaches for party leaders struggling to avert a November massacre at the polls.

“The Republican Party doesn’t represent me anymore,” longtime Republican voter Joseph E. Ayers, 57, said recently…

“We were betrayed by Bush in a lot of ways,” he said, adding that presumptive Republican presidential nominee Sen. John McCain of Arizona lacks the conservative mettle needed to repair the damage.

“I won’t vote for McCain,” he said. “I might not even vote at all. That’s the way it looks now.”

“It is a clear sign Republicans have not yet come to grips with how big a hole they have dug for themselves and how much work it will take to get out,” said former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who spearheaded the 1994 Republican win of the majority in Congress that ended four decades of Democratic control.”

I used to hate bush and was so confused how any person could have voted for him in both 2000/2004. But, now I think it’s sort of funny watching him close things out and it seems like a blessing in disguise. Maybe the GOP can rebound by 2032. Naw.

That said…


Historically – no joke – I don’t think Obama has ever started off leading any political race he’s entered. But, the above link is encouraging since he’s “leading” while…

a) he’s been taking it in the a$$ from the democrat’s favorite last name over the last 12 months

b) he hasn’t got the chance to share the same stage with the old man and

c) he hasn’t picked a VP candidate that will deliver the southern and appalachian states.

This general election massacre (54%+ of the popular vote – 290+ electoral college vote) is going to be awesome!

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