Congrats to Johan Franzen for Forcing a Game 6 – Penguins Win Game 5 in 3 OTs

If Johan Franzen could have literally cleared the puck ONE LAST TIME instead of shooting it off the board at the worst possible angle with less than a minute to go in the 3rd period and an empty net, the Red Wings could have wrapped this beauty up, eh? Nothing is more exciting than an eventual Game 6 during Conor’s bachelor party. Regardless, Pittsburgh wins Game 5…4-3 in 3 OTs. Fckers.

While sort of shiatty quality, watch seconds 1:05 and 1:10 of the YouTube clip (below) or 40 and 34 seconds left in regulation for Franzen’s lame attempt at being an intelligent/hustling/healthy NHL player.

Side note – Doesn’t Pierre McGuire (announcer from NBC Sports Hockey) look like a human penis with glasses? The resemblance is more uncanny when you see him announcing live from the benches/intermission shows. You make the call…

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