“Sword and Scale” Podcast – Craigslist Killer Episode – Narrated by Mike Boudet

A close friend (& reader) and commenter (& reader) recently mentioned an upcoming “Sword and Scale” podcast episode covering the Craigslist Killer and narrated by Mike Boudet.

I’m not sure when the Craigslist Killer epsidode of the podcast airs or is available to download — I still don’t understand podcasts completely (I’m that type of techie but idiot) — but I presume it is soon and I look forward to tuning in/downloading.

As some readers will recall, the Craigslist Killer (Philip Markoff) absolutely heightened my interest in blogging (and eventually just tweeting) about high profile “True Crime” cases which was intensified even further when George Zimmerman murdered Trayvon Martin and claimed self defense.

Here is a link to said podcast on iTunes, I think. lol

Sword and Scale Podcast by True Crime Media | Incongruity | Wondery

Thanks Kerry & Reecie!!

Original links from 2009…

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