17 thoughts on “BccList.com’s Theme Has Changed and I’d Like Your Vote!

      • I mentioned this in a comment over on the poll page…..The problem with the old format is that the columns were so narrow that the third reply to each post got really narrow so a long post took up a lot of vertical space. In this new format, each column is wider and the font is bigger making it easier to read the individual posts. That’s great! However, in addition to the bigger font, there’s more space between each line and each post, so it still takes up quite a bit of vertical space, maybe moreso than in the old format. Don’t know if the tradeoff is worth it. There are so many comments on this blog that it will take forever to scroll up and down. Sorry to nit-pick, especially when I don’t have a solution!!!!

        • I think this is a very valid point, actually. I will say I do actually like this far more than the previous format, but the vertical space issue remains. I love to read as many comments as possible, but I get overwhelmed with the vertical space – my eyes start to go blurry/glaze over when scrolling, lol. It would be nice if there was an expand/collapse option on comments. Unfortunately, I don’t know much about WP’s system.

  1. This is better than the Ari (I think it was called) theme that was up yesterday, but I agree that we need some numbers to reference. I think it looks crisp, clean, and easy to read; I’ll vote after I’ve looked at it a little more. 🙂

    • After being on the site a bit, I’d say this is a good start. I actually really like this theme, so wouldn’t have a problem with it at all, but I do wish for numbering (easier to reference) and something that can eliminate excessive scrolling/vertical space issues.

      I wish I could be more help, but I’m not familiar with WP system/available options.

  2. I like this theme better. Much easier to read.

    WSI’s suggesting to turn numbering on again is also good, imo. I don’t use wordpress, so I can’t help with the styles/themes.

    Another feature It would be nice to see (if wordpress allows)… Can you “sticky” items to the front page. It wotuld be helpful if the evidence page could be stuck.

    Last suggestion.. When you post a new blog, if you want commenters to use the new blog instead of the old one, do you have a way to turn off the comments so that no more get posted? If so, I think turning them off from that point forward would let people know that the party’s moved on just in case they missed the announcement.

    • All excellent ideas.

      I’ll have to find a new theme unless this one has an option to number the comments. I don’t think it does but will check later today.

      I desperately need a sticky post for the evidence. I’ve been proposing a bcclist evidence dump forever. Jo and Lonnie completed 2/3 of the work and I’m to “blame” for the remaining 1/3 not being wrapped up. I’d love to say I’d get to it this weekend but I have family in town. I can’t remember a weekend — or, even a day during the weekend — when I haven’t been doing something. I should stop complaining. 🙂

      I’ve only closed the comments on the very first map posting. I’ll take a look at other postings where comments have slowed and turn them off today.

  3. This one loads up heaps faster than the old one did.

    BUT no numbers on the posts, Would be nice to have numbers.

    Also nice to have a sidebar on every page. Since this started I am lost and don’t know which is the “current” one.

    And I agree with CSFC — when you make a new one, please close comments on the previous one, and announce the new one in the last post before you do. There’s so many now, they really need to be numbered in date order, in case anyone wants to go back through the old ones. This, with numbers, would also help make a summary one day, with references to more details of discussion on the original blag it happened on.

  4. There is an ABOUT page available. It can be copied or similar pages made. These can have comments turned off. They will appear on the top menu bar. You can call it something like All The Evidence and include all the evidence there, not just the dumps but stuff like tchoupi’s ingur file, the witness transcript from Screamn’Jay etc.(or at least the KIWI links to them), links to good youtubes etc. It doesn’t matter if the actual stuff is not here, as long as there’s one united place to find all the links. THis would also have everyone working off the same versions of things, with luck.

  5. Didn’t know where else to post this, so I dropped it here.


    NLME –

    Are you into other social issues? I wouldn’t mind seeing a variety of topics aside from the Trayvon Martin case as they relate to other social issues. The link I posted above is interesting to me because I see several social problems embodied within it.

    (1) Science/Scientists (a group I’m a part of) are looked too highly upon based on nothing more than “fan” mentality and titles. It’s one thing to sell and quite another to be committed to truly offering something a potential purchaser will benefit from — short run or long.

    (2) Doctors with a first notion of profitability is dangerous to the human population (and other populations) and poses global threats to all ecosystems and economies. People and other species born without limbs due to some “push” to sell a product and tainted test results creates a less than optimal society of any population. Of course the opposite of this is to create a society of optimal citizens which (based on gene mods and robotics) would also be wrong-headed, imo, since the basis for the optimal traits would be formed by less than optimal “leaders” (like Hitler).

    (3) Society is moving towards “don’t apologize” and don’t show any other “common” courtesies to fellow humans — like simply holding open a door for the person behind you or saying “thank you” to someone who has done so for you. I think you phrased it as becoming “desensitized”. I call it simple human decency and mutual respect of others.

    (4) Society is seemingly moving towards the “don’t pay for your own mistakes” model. Doctors and scientist that don’t use adequate testing, samples and methods SHOULD be held accountable for what they should have known. To relieve them of their responsibility is to lower the bar for them and put society at risk.

    (5) The model for success and advancement is NOT how to make money off of popular views. The model for success is doing stuff worthy of doing. Worthy things are accepted globally as the globe is populated by humans that CAN!

    (6) Looking for the cheapest “slave labor” (albeit interns or imports or plopping shop in foreign, economically depressed lands that can’t produce due to lack of training or education or commonsense in civility) is going to produce only a short-term profit while the long-term societal gain is almost always going to be negative and so the initial gainers are going to lose if they stay long. The overall global society is smarter than that now, so looking at cheap continents and countries is fruitless.

    Thanks for letting me rant! Please consider other topics.

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