Wedding Party Falls into Gun Lake After Dock Collapses – Shelbyville, Michigan

My favorite parts of this video are to follow…

  1. The order/manner which the kid puts up the cones at the 1:20 mark. I’m not sure why I find this humorous…it’s almost like he a) over thought his task at hand or b) was somehow taunting the wedding party.
  2. The guy “rescuing” himself…and nobody else. His foot kick (:14 mark), half-hearted attempt to bring anybody up on board (:25 mark), and the camera panning out to show his move didn’t make much sense (:36 mark) made me laugh a lot.
  3. The fact that the wedding party was waiting on somebody. Who knows, maybe the shot gets done before the collapse if “Kat” is around? And, it sounded like at least one person didn’t even know if Kat was the name of the person they were waiting on.
  4. The person that claims the video will be going on facebook. I think he meant youtube since facebook gets 1 baby/kid video upload every 3 months.
  5. The human that can shake like an actual dog. He likely disrupted a perfectly good photo opp with all that shaking.
  6. The person that was worried about their ruined phone…instead of the ruined WEDDING! I’m sure the wedding party doesn’t think the wedding was ruined now but it probably felt otherwise then. Worth noting, this is the same person that could shake like a dog.

I also loved…

  • The rather informal bra adjustment (:03-:06) just seconds before the dock collapsed.
  • How everybody checked for their phones seconds after hitting the water.
  • The “Take Pictures” guy (:22 mark).
  • The high fivers (:49 mark).
  • The guy that still wanted to prove he’s got it by climbing aboard the mangled dock (:50 mark).
  • The guy that avoids the “Oh My God” chick at the :51 mark.
  • Stiffler’s Mom (1:31 mark).

1 thought on “Wedding Party Falls into Gun Lake After Dock Collapses – Shelbyville, Michigan

  1. I think you need a comment on this post. 🙂 As for the 3-6s mark, you don’t know just how tricky those strapless bras can be, but I love that she did a full on chest grab, LOL. I was just waiting for her to lean over as she was adjusting the bra to shake them into position.

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