Riding on Coattails, Barry’s NEW History

Guest blog posting by long time BccList.com contributor and now friend (yes, even though we’re on polar opposites of the political spectrum), Ryan THE Conservative

Based on the following article from yes, FOX News Channel http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/05/16/white-house-under-fire-for-adding-obama-policy-plugs-to-past-presidents-bios/?intcmp=trending is the following:

Just when I think I’ve seen everything from the Obama White House, this floats along. Incredible! Not accomplishing anything of any POSITIVE substance apparently means spending the evening reading your predecessor’s resumes, then tacking your name on the end in ‘ditto’ fashion. Incredible and shameful. The following are some of which I theorize didn’t make the cut…I’d love to see what bcclister’s come up with also!

George Washington signed the U.S. Constitution. Barack Obama shredded it by signing the U.S. Health Care ‘overhaul’.

Theodore Roosevelt was the first president to travel outside of the continental United States while in office. In 1906, he traveled to Panama. Barack Obama was born…nevermind.

James Marshall reclaimed Air Force One from six Radek loyalists and Soviet ultranationalists, led by Egor Korshunov and posing as a Russian news crew. In 2008, Obama’s campaign accepted $31,050 in contributions from Harrison Ford http://www.newsmeat.com/celebrity_political_donations/Harrison_Ford.php . (That’s it, I’m throwing out my Air Force One DVD immediately.)

Bill Clinton lied about his relationship with 22 year old Monica Lewinsky, resulting in impeachment proceedings by the U.S. House following the 1998 Congressional elections. Barack Obama said he would largely solve the insoluble cost problem of Obama Care by eliminating “hundreds of billions of dollars in waste and fraud” from Medicare.

President Abraham Lincoln signed legislation that established the Department of Agriculture. Obama had a ham sandwich for lunch today.

And last but certainly not least: President George W. Bush served 2 terms as U.S. President. Obama needs help packing up his things in January when Romney is elected.

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