Introducing Ryan THE Conservative!

I have no idea why this took so long – my bad – but, today marks the beginning of “Ryan THE Conservative” authoring posts on as “perhapsim2right.” I’m truly excited to have another voice contribute to this once measly – still relatively insignificant – blog for several reasons…

a) A single extremely liberal voice posting to the blog provided an awkward dictatorship-like environment. There was unintentionally no conservative content from others besides the comment section.

b) I may disagree with 90% of Ryan’s political beliefs, but, have the utmost respect for his opinions. The ratio of his excellent points to those made by random visitors with conservative values is probably 1000 to 1. I’ll post some examples to the update section of this posting over the next few days when I get some time.

c) I’ve lost interest – for the most part – in politics since shortly after the inauguration. Ryan will undoubtedly spark a fire.

d) The Republican Party is in utter disarray in my opinion. Reference as of late: Newt (Meet the Press), Trump (birther), & Boehner (debt ceiling).  That’s not to say the GOP’s course won’t be corrected – rather, I can say with confidence there’s a lot that Ryan needs to vent about. There’s no better form of venting/therapy than putting your words in writing on the internet in my opinion.

e) I know Uncle Archie would be proud.

Bare with us. There will be a slight learning curve. But, I’m confident (or at least hope) you’ll find value in this joint posting effort on regardless of your political beliefs. Ryan, my friend – thank you (sincerely) for your long time contributions as a visitor…the stage as an author is all yours!

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