Where Are All the Pics/Vids of Osama bin Laden’s Dead Body?

Oookkkkaaaayyyy – Where are the bin laden pics? I’m more than confident he’s dead and I’m sure the photos are disturbing but…

A) We were forced to watch people jump from 100+ stories on 9/11.


B) Some misguided 15 year old in Pakistan thinks he’ll die w/ 72 virgins. I’d rather he think about pics of bin Laden’s blown off face instead.


P.S. I assure you the OBL pics & vids (in some form) will be released. This delay plus resulting upheaval is planned and yet another example of Obama’s weird strategy/communications efforts. That is… Wait, wait, wait, build suspense, incite an upheaval, and then act.

Reference the birther “issue” and this 2008 posting regarding Obama’s campaign team not hammering Hillary yet (they eventually did)…


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