LivingSocial Detroit – Concealed Weapon License Discount

Follow-up from LivingSocial at bottom of this posting

Well, at least the deal wasn’t for Tucson.

Imagery of a person taking target practice like Jared Loughner did less than a week ago in a desert before spraying bullets outside of a Safeway seems distasteful given current day events, right? Too soon, LivingSocial? No – of course not…it’s never too soon to make some dough!

Note – as ridiculous as desiring a concealed weapon license is, I have no issue with gun ownership. While I’d rather die than live thinking a gun will keep me safe, too each their own.

I ask you: “Do the rigors of 2011 already have you feeling pistol-whipped?” Click the below thumbnail 3 or 4 times to see the full size image/text…

Update: An excellent follow-up from LivingSocial can be seen here.

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