Sharron Angle Mocks Those With Autism

Well, below is Tea Party/Republican poster child Sharron Angle not only making NO sense at all but also mocking those with autism and their healthcare needs with “bunny ears.” Congrats, Harry Reid – you’ve somehow won another Senate race.

As my wife and I have done tonight, you can contribute to Harry Reid’s campaign – I never thought I’d be saying that – by visiting his site here:

7 thoughts on “Sharron Angle Mocks Those With Autism

  1. I just contributed to Harry Reid’s campaign– although I live in Ohio! My son has autism and just got insurance this week… If every family with an a child who has autism would contribute $5 to Harry Reid we could shut down this lunatic.

    She’s picked a fight with the wrong crowd… 1 in 149 children born today will be diagnosed with autism… that’s a lot of people to be mad at you!

    • Agreed. My wife was a special education teacher for 10 years in Chicago Public Schools. She’s currently getting her PhD in Special Education. She’ll be making her first ever political contribution tonight to Harry Reid though we live nowhere near Nevada. I have personally been on 2 Autism walks in Chicago and understand how tight knit this crowd is. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.

  2. Sharron Angle’s 2009 statements were inexcusable. You know what else is inexcusable?…Harry Reid’s track record in Congress. This is a year for the Democrats to get voted out of power, and I doubt this will have near the impact as one might think on this particular election. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely disagree with Ms. Angle’s statement, however I think there are more pressing issues that will dicatate voters’ mind sets this November. It’s the ECONOMY.

  3. While I agree that the economy is extreemely important, it’s short-sighted to not see the connection between autism and the economy. 1 in 70 boys born today will be diagnosed with autism… if we don’t find effective treatment now– our economy will suffer when it’s their time to enter the workforce– or not. The republican attitude towards kids with diabilities is frightening! Wrecked cars (Huckabee)and bunny ears (Angle)… Ignoring an epidemic doesn’t make it go away.

  4. I am “hope”ful of the economy, but disagree that it’s headed in the right direction. There are several good counterpoints to the ‘economy’ debate, but ‘the children’ aren’t part of it…unless you’d like to say: “our children will be paying off our huge debt, along with their children, and their children’s children…that’s a valid ‘children’ argument. Otherwise, point received hfamom, however not relevant.

    Republicans ‘attitudes’ towards children…hmmm, last time I checked as an anti-abortion conservative republican, I know that children’s welfare and futures are the highest on this republican’s list. Not only are republicans for children, we actually want them to have the opportunity to be BORN, and grow up with the same opportunities, irregardless of any type of challenges they might have. Those challenges make them unique and no less of a vital part of our country’s future.

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