Why Are Companies Not Hiring? Big Businesss Corporations Sitting on Trillions of Dollars

Reference: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/07/14/AR2010071405960.html

Does big business sitting on trillions of dollars of profits made possible by the stimulus plan but at the same time not hiring have anything to do with the upcoming midterms? The thought being…

Higher unemployment = GOP gains in November 2010 = less corporate taxes = more profits to shareholders.

Big business is sitting on a record amount of money that was meant to stimulate the entire economy but they are slow to hire. Why? Thoughts?

Update: I’m so behind the times. Here’s a Daily Kos entry from JULY 2010 – ouch!


5 thoughts on “Why Are Companies Not Hiring? Big Businesss Corporations Sitting on Trillions of Dollars

  1. The Community Organizer in the White House has made a practice of nationalizing private/public companies, spending money to “stimulate the economy” that doesn’t exist, and has an agenda to take from the successful to give to those who refuse to work for success. The only way to straighten out the economy is to promote tax breaks for companies, irregardless of size and stop taxing high earners (small business owners) who actually drive private sector job creation. You will see an increase in private sector job creation if Obama and his crew stop this move towards “wealth re-distribution”.

    Obama’s economic plan(s) have thus far been an EPIC failure, so why not blame big business??? Right? This is right out of the leftists playbook.

    There is nothing the Government can do that the Private Sector can’t do better, quicker, and more efficiently.

  2. Duh! Of course companies are waiting on the mid-terms before hiring. Under Bush they had their cake, ice cream,clowns, magicians, etc… thus the meltdown. I hope the GOP can take over again so wages can keep going down while corporations and the wealthy keep gaining. Go GOP!!! They want to repeal healthcare so my diabetic daughter can be denied health insurance, again. Yeah! The middle class is too stupid or lazy to see how they get screwed by the GOP.

  3. I don’t believe that Americans want bigger government intruding on private business; I don’t believe Americans want higher taxes; and I also believe that private business is holding out until the leftist radicals get tossed out of Congress…and I’m not alone.

    The middle class is not ‘too stupid or lazy’, the middle class is working hard to provide for a better tomorrow, hoping and praying that a fiscally responsible Congress will be elected, whether they are democrat or republican…This election is not about party lines, as there are radicals on both sides: instead, I would argue that this election is about restoring every American’s confidence that their tax dollars are being spent responsibly, that spending is cut, taxes are low, that government won’t interfere in their personal health care freedoms, etc., and that our economy can rebuild responsibly.

    While I am registered as a Republican, as a Conservative (my party has left me) I will be voting on who is the most fiscally responsible candidate: yes, I might vote democrat, might vote republican…I implore you Fred G. to vote on the candidates, leave the rhetoric to the pundits, and let’s return sensibility to Washington.

    Your thoughts Mr. G?

    Ryan THE Conservative

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