Russell Simmons Takes on California Prop 8

The Prop 8 “debate” annoys me – since only time will fix our mistakes – but, Russell Simmons’ Huff Post entry is spot on. Well done, sir!

Unfortunately, most of the arguments against these monumental advancements of our country’s history have been deeply rooted in religion; and in my opinion the misuse of religion. Let’s remove religion from this discussion, and focus on the greatest gift religion has given all of us, the ability to love. And as an African-American, I urge my own people to take a deep look at our own struggles and not wish them upon anyone else. Simply, civil rights for all is about being connected as humans, united, tolerant, loving and brave.

14 thoughts on “Russell Simmons Takes on California Prop 8

  1. That’s probably the best argument i’ve heard yet. Whether it’s strong enough to change the constitution, we’ll see.

  2. As an African American…no, okay, I’m not, but I just wanted to get everyone’s attention… “Christianity” has EVERYTHING to do with this issue…God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.

    Ryan THE Conservative

    Good Day

  3. Well Chris, seems as though your generation has followed along and removed God/Prayer from schools and the majority of goverment. Your all buying into this perverted line of thought that the gays are being oppressed/persucuted like blacks were during slavery. Now your want to remove religion entirely.

    Just getting a real fricken tired of the whole rainbow coalition/gays/transgenders throwing their shit in my face thru the media. What about the rights of chicken fuckers next.

    Whole damn country is starting to be ruled by a generation including the leadership of this country that have thrown away religion and now have no moral compass.

    Can not wait to see your generation wake up someday and see what you have wrought by throwing out religion and moral compass in these discussions. Again we see some more of Saul Lewinsky’s tactics in your posts.


  4. I agree with the fact that the whole country is morally bankrupt. The real thing that pisses me off is the people that claim to be oppressd are the one’s granted all the favors. If it was truly equal, we’d get rid of all the programs that make people give chances to the undeserving folks that scream “Hey, I’m gay” or “I’m black and you’re not giving me a chance”. This is all complete bull shit. The worst thing to be is White and Male in our weak ass country. All the reverse racism is mindless. I have an idea, let’s give the jobs to people qualified and deserving. I guess they would bitch when all of the people had a hard time getting jobs. Special treatment is for losers and wimps. Either figure it out and do it better than everyone else to get the job or pick up a shovel. The world needs ditch diggers too.

  5. so if white people were slaves of black people, and then we broke free.. you would just want everyone to forget about it? rrrriiighhht

    and you think its the worst thing to be white and male? aw pity party

  6. chris-

    didn’t realize your blog was read by such insane asshats! how did that happen? “The worst thing to be is white and male in our weak ass country”? WOW.

    • Shawn,

      Seriously, watch Fox News. I just started watching (as much as I could take) over the past few weeks. It’s fcking obnoxious – way more fcked up than the Drudge Report – but, all of these crazy comments seemingly come directly from Fox News.

      • Since you’re a Democrat you can stand in line for your check and wait for the government to pay your mortgage too i suppose.

        God knows we don’t need to work, we just borrow money that we don’t have and spend ourselves into oblivion. Kind of like wasting billions on bull shit earmarks and making bills(omnibus)just to spend money. Wow, it bothers me that people have bought into his retarded rederick already. The guy quadruples the debt, or spend more money than every president before him COMBINED, and you guys thinks he’s a god. What does it really take to keep writing blank checks to every pauper that comes wanting money. i think this will be forever known as the “Dumbing down of America” and you guys are driving the short bus leading us into the second great depression, maybe worse.

  7. Pardon me for hating the fact that everyone thinks thy are entitled to hand outs. I guess working hard for a living has jaded me.

    It’s funny how you think fox is skewed. Msnbc is so biased it’s silly. Not to mention they have a monetary interest due to their owners. Oh and their ratings are about 10% of fox.

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