20 thoughts on “Jesse Ventura PWNS Elisabeth Hasselbeck on The View

  1. Hmmm, it seems he’s not familiar with the law. All of the terrorists that were captured outside the us during war time is a little different than catching somebody inside the states. It’s that little thing called the constitution that made it different.

    Not all Muslims are terrorist but all terrorist are muslim. i think that’s where the waterboard comes in to place. Does anyone in their right mind actually feel bad for a guy that planned the murder of 3000 people??? I think the waterboarding, that yielded actionable intel that Obama even admits in a memo, was the least we could do for such a nice guy. Maybe I’m old school, but don’t most people think that these terroist should be burned at the stake? Human rights don’t apply when you have such blatent disrespect for the lives of thousands.

    In turn, Ventura clearly has no idea what the hell he’s talking about and sounds like a brain damaged wrestler. Surprise, surprise…

  2. Timothy McVeigh wasn’t Muslim.

    The more terrorists we execute/lock up the better. I think everybody supports this idea. But, the same government that said there were WMDs in Iraq is the same government that’s detaining suspected terrorists.

  3. You found the one exception. There’s always A exception.

    If you garner enough attention to be considered a suspected terrorist, lock em up. Better safe than sorry.

    Iraq is a better place now than it was before so what’s that really matter?

    Obama has done plenty about faces so far, so don’t point the finger in every other direction.

  4. Terry Nichols, Ted Kaczynski, the suspected anthrax dude that killed himself, etc. weren’t Muslim either.

    You can’t lock everybody that looks like a suspected terrorist up – this isn’t Hitler Germany.

    Regarding Iraq, define “better.” And, we’re broke as a country for making it “better.” So, who won – bin laden?

  5. Looking and suspected are a bit different. Previous terror acts, terrorist associations, and being linked to proven terroist seems like probable cause for suspecion.

    Speaking of Hitler, he was a great public speaker and just wanted “Change” as well. I’m sure you can draw that comparison.

    The country being broke? Are you actually serious? That has nothing to do with quadrupling the national debt in four months does it??? Maybe it’s the billions that we’re bleeding that isn’t doing a damn thing for anyone. Better yet, it’s the whole Obama cabinet not paying their taxes.

    You tell me…

  6. Chris (Saul Lewinsky) G.

    Your starting to redirect again. Not to mention the comment that when we take direction from a wrestler we may too be brain dead.


  7. Uh, piling 12 trillion on top didn’t help. I see you drank the Kool aid and bought into Obamanomics. How has/will that help any of us???

    As far as muslims go, I guess it’s hard to see anyone else as a Terroist since Muslims are an overwhelming majority.

    I’m so sick of this whiny ass country giving hand outs to all of these people who just sit and cash their checks that are comprised of my tax dollars. Obama is worthless. He’s a little bitch that just goes around saying sorry to everyone and making America look bad. If you can’t handle this country, get the fuck out. If you can’t speak english, ba bye bitch.

    I’m so sick of all you bleeding heart liberals. Get a fucking clue or get the fuck out.

    Socialist, terrorist loving, morons.

    • The other option to fix bush’s mess was let everything tank. As Churchill stated, “Never give in, never give in, never; never; never; never – in nothing, great or small, large or petty – never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense”

  8. BTW, I can remember a little thing that happened with a half a dozen MUSLIMS that killed 3000 Americans in one morning. Maybe you guys were too busy hugging trees, or smoking them, to notice. I’m glad you guys have our safety in mind.

    Too bad communist Russia is gone. You probably would have fit right in. Oh I forgot Communism and socialism never work.

    • Nobody forgot about 9/11. All Americans want the people responsible brought to proper justice. Proper justice includes not bankrupting our country by starting a war in Iraq, following international law, and not fcking with the constitution.

  9. As far as the doctor goes, that was a shame what happened. I’m overwhelming opposed to late term abortion but that was not right.

    • I appreciate your faith in humanity but I don’t believe that to be the case. So I’ll have to respectfully disagree with you on that one.

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