Who Advertises to Rush Limbaugh Listeners?

Serious question.

I can’t imagine listening to his program (play clip below – the part about Mexico) but somebody does. And, somebody advertises to those listeners so that he can feed his face and keep the power on. But, what companies are targeting the “sheep” demographic? What company wants to be associated/branded with a lunatic?

My only guess is cash for gold companies and/or forex trading brokers. Anyone listen to Rush? What ads do you hear?

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9 thoughts on “Who Advertises to Rush Limbaugh Listeners?

  1. Rush Limbaugh is BRILLIANT, his sponsors are ‘privately and publicly’ owned companies..even Obama is supporting him by buying advertising air time: General Motors is a sponsor, and that’s Obama’s company now, well he and the Union THUGS.

    Some Sponsors:

    Sleep Number Bed- I guess liberals “never” sleep

    Pro Flowers- come on, now surely Liberals like to give and receive flowers, no wait, someone has to ‘murder’ the flowers to send them, so it would be better for mother earth to leave them grow…forgot for a moment that the Left is beholden to the environmentalists…

    General Motors-Obama’s company, but they still make cars that run on OIL…GASP!!! yep, the Obama administration hasn’t invented a Chevy that runs on Hope and Change, but word is that they’re working on it.

    Rush Limbaugh’s program is a shining beacon of Capitalism…something those on the Left know nothing about.

    Ryan THE Conservative

  2. My poor deluded nephew

    Ask any regular Rush listener. The man has to be listened to very carefully. In a lot of ways just like listening to George Carlin. You never know when Rush is baiting the audience or merely being ironic. Spend some time with the show and learn the nuances, humor and glimmers of truth. Why even you have admited your striving for wealth and would have to vote Republican for wealth protection upon reaching that goal.

    Uncle Archie

    ps good to see you back Ryan.

  3. Here is the list of advertisers on Rush Limbaugh’s show in Chicago – WLS AM. Start contacting THEM and stop doing business with them. Remember, he fundamentally called most of the women in our lives Sluts and Prostitutes….:

    American Lung Association – WLS, Chicago
    Bredemann’s – WLS, Chicago
    Brite Smile – WLS, Chicago
    Cartridge World – rushlimbaugh.com
    Constant Contact – WCBM, Baltimore
    Country Finacial – WLS, Chicago
    DirectBuy – WLS, Chicago
    Distant Horizons – WLS, Chicago
    Geico – WCBM, Baltimore
    Genesis Healthcare – WCBM, Baltimore
    Harris Bank – WLS, Chicago
    Hawthorn Suites – rushlimbaugh.com
    HeartScan of Chicago – WLS, Chicago
    Hotel.com – WLS, Chicago
    James & Sons – WLS, Chicago
    Kars 4 Kids – WLS, Chicago
    LegalZoom.com – WLS, Chicago
    Lenox Financial – WLS, Chicago
    Life Lock – rushlimbaugh.com
    MidAmerica Bank – WLS, Chicago
    Miller Brothers – WCBM, Baltimore
    Natren – WLS, Chicago
    Res-Q – WCBM, Baltimore
    Retirement Strategies – WCBM, Baltimore
    Schaumburg Honda – WLS, Chicago
    SealMaxx – WLSo, Chicago
    Select Comfort – WLS, Chicago
    Stuart Woodbury Insurance – WLS, Chicago
    Trinity College – WLS, Chicago

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