Thoughts of the Week – Fake Pirate Killings and American Water Boarding Campaign

Like the pictures of Uday and Qusay Hussein’s dead bodies, I wonder if the government will release pictures of the killed pirates.

Regardless, if I were the pirates, I would have negotiated a fake pirate killing scenario in return of the Maersk Alabama’s captain.  Or,  maybe pull off the fake killings and offer the youngest for prosecution since it will be difficult for the US Justice Department to be overly harsh with a 16 year old.  There’s no way we spared the pirates’ lives, announce that the pirates were killed by snipers, and then slap the 16 year old on the wrist, right?  No way…

Also, I wonder why “terrorists” don’t start kidnapping and water boarding Americans.  Such a videotape would be more effective than the same old beheadings.  Fortunately, kidnappings have decreased significantly over the past 5ish years.

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