Eliminate the R-Word

Now taking blog posting requests!  Honey, this one’s for you…

I used to use the r-word.  Not a lot.  I’d rather call somebody an idiot, stupid, incompetent, george bush, etc.  But, I’d fire off a few r-words from time to time.  All that changed when I met my wife, a special education teacher.

I don’t think people understand how offensive the r-word is.  I surely didn’t.  Just like black babies can’t change the color of their skin, children with disabilities can’t change their genes.   How often do you hear the n-word?  I’ll guess not as often as you hear the r-word.  Why?  They’re equally as offensive.

Yada, yada – below is an article about a group of students fighting the r-word…


Update: Chicago Tribune – seriously?  Look at the above URL.  Well, at least they ran an article.

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