Inauguration Day Ticket Gate

Remember that law Senator Feinstein tried to pass making the sale of inauguration tickets illegal? Well, it shamefully didn’t pass…

Back in the day – like 3 days before the “extreme demand for inauguration day tickets expected” story hit CNN, Yahoo, etc. – I emailed a group of 20 friends and family from all over the country to write, call, email, etc. their US House of Representative for tickets to Obama’s swearing-in ceremony. Of course, my wife and I both separately contacted our US House Rep in Chicago.

Between December 10th and the 14th, around half of the 20 friends and family received emails indicating they were denied tickets. The emails were all similar – “Due to overwhelming demand and being allotted only 197 tickets, you were not selected to receive swearing-in ceremony tickets bla, bla, bla.”

Living in Chicago, it goes without being said that my wife and I also got denied tickets. That’s fine.

But, are there really 197 people from an “ultra-republican” congressional district in Arizona that plan on leaving 70 degree weather to stand outside in subfreezing temperatures and watch an “ultra-liberal” President be sworn in? I highly doubt – though sarcastic – that Obama received 197 votes in this district. My friend in Arizona got denied tickets.

Are 197 people from Wichita, Kansas or Grand Rapids, Michigan seriously considering dropping $375+ a person (flight only!) to make the hike to DC for a few days? If so, where are they staying? My relative and friend(s) from the aforementioned areas got denied tickets.

Lastly, you have to be kidding me that – even though he was born in Hawaii – ANYONE from Obama’s birth state would travel 13+ hours to get frostbite. My Hawaiian relative got denied tickets.

I’m no investigative journalist but I’m pretty damn confident the 197 allotted tickets in each congressional district are not going to the general public as intended. Maybe it’s because I’m skewed by the recent Blagojevich scandal, but, I hope to God that one of these bastards somehow gets caught up selling tickets and/or offering them only to friends, family, and high paying donors. If such a story break, life would be truly perfect!

P.S. As mentioned, the “you’re denied” emails went out within the last week. The tickets don’t get released until the week before the swearing-in. So, how can 197 people already have been chosen? And, none of the selected people are going to rethink the ridiculous cost of the trip and/or weather and bail on the trip between now and mid-January? Come on – some paid journalist out there needs to do some digging!

2 thoughts on “Inauguration Day Ticket Gate

  1. I concur…I don’t think 197 people voted for Obama in Wichita either…I’m frustrated that the tickets are non-existent…I don’t get it. There is no reason why of all who tried, 4 tickets couldn’t be found.

    “No Longer Mass Emailing” deserves to go more than anyone I know or have seen…If I was Obama, I would put you on stage with me…you did a HELL of a job campaigning for him on your blog and own time.

    I am hoping for a Christmas miracle…I’m also going to try again after the holiday (I am sure that their offices are empty pre-Christmas) and see if I can ‘hassle’ some tickets…I urge everyone else who attempted, to try again.

    I think a first hand account on the blog would be interesting to read!

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