Amtrak Business Class – What a Great Deal!

So, after my 3rd or 4th out of town train trip in as many years, I’ve officially become a HUGE fan of Amtrak. Specifically, Amtrak offers the following:

a) The ability to not pay attention to anything going on around you. Try that in a car!

b) The ability to get lit in the beer/lounge car. Don’t try that in a car!

c) The ability to connect to the Internets if you have (or borrow) a 3G card. Hell, the Internet on your cellphone is a good enough way to pass time. Yes, you can surf the Internet in a car but driving becomes slightly trickier.

d) A roundtrip cost equal or less than the cost of gas for the same road trip.

e) No hassle getting through security. Wow, the joys of leaving your shoes on. I assume Amtrak “unknowingly” moves a lot of drugs/illegal things.

f) An unbelievable price on business class seating.

On that note, I paid $10 more (I think), got a free non-alcoholic drink ($3), and a leather seat the size of a small couch including a footstool. If you’re in the market for an Amtrak trip, I highly suggest the upgrade to business class.

Update: Amtrak also gives free copies of The New York Times and Wall Street Journal to the business class. Another $3.00 I will be saving in the future.

P.S. I’m glad I didn’t drive…


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