$25 Billion for US Automakers – Ford to Benefit “Considerably”

The $25 billion bailout to US Automakers is going to happen this coming week with 100% certainty.

Whether you support the bailout or not, I’ve learned (unnamed but overly credible) that Ford doesn’t necessarily need bailout money. However, GM and Chrysler are literally on the brink of filing for bankruptcy by the end of 08 if a package doesn’t get passed ASAP.

So, who benefits once the bailout package gets passed?

Stating the obvious, the bailout will be offered to the collective Big 3. As originally seen on BccList.com here, I will stand firm on my previous assertion that there is a ton of value in long term trading of Ford stock (F).

P.S. Look at the historical pricing of US Automaker stock from 1993 through 2000. God bless the Democrats.

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