Black Friday in Ann Arbor – Observations

Since I was like 15, I’ve annually shopped on Black Friday with my aunt, cousins, mom, etc. Each year – until this – I’ve had to wait in line at almost EVERY store for at least 10 minutes. My longest wait this year was at Circuit City – 5 minutes. The wait at Best Buy at 10:45 EST was less than 1 minute. Crazy.

Oddly enough, seemingly every parking lot is full from Target to Best Buy to Circuit City to Toys R Us.

All of this said, will Black Friday spending beat expectations? Maybe. Perhaps stores have figured out how to pump consumers in and out without lines building. But, it’s “scary” when it takes longer to get a cappuccino from Borders than T.I.’s Paper Trail for $6.99.

Best Buy’s television department around 10:45 am EST.  Ghost town…

5 thoughts on “Black Friday in Ann Arbor – Observations

  1. BTW, thanks for teaching X to hit the fish tank Friday morning. I am sure you will see us being kicked out of a Pet Smart, soon!!

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