November 5th: Dow Jones Industrial Average to Jump More Than 250+ Points Post Election?!?

Alaron is a great financial firm to work with. No, I’ve never worked for them.

Regardless, as seen originally on here, any misjudgments over the last 6+ months (there are a few) will be compiled into a weekend post I’m currently drafting.

P.S. Trading is risky.  Ha!

Update: Looks like those gains in Asia last night post election didn’t cross over into the European and American markets.  Bummer.  Regardless, this was not a BccList “call” – I’ll make sure it’s clear when I make a “call.”  I was just pointing out (at 5:03 am in the morning when I posted this – errrrr) that the Asian markets were up 5%.  And, 5% of 9,000 points (Dow Jones Industrial Average) is around 250 points.

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