CORRECTIONS:’s 2008 General Election Prediction – State by Stat

As seen originally on here

Obama will win with 53.4% (actual was 52.6) of the popular vote and 323 (after NC going to Obama, actual was 364) electoral votes.

Alabama (Correct)
Alaska  (Correct)
Arizona (Correct)
Arkansas (Correct)
California (Correct)
Colorado (Correct)
Connecticut (Correct)
Delaware (Correct)
District of Columbia (Correct)

Florida (WRONG)
Georgia (WRONG)

Hawaii (Correct)
Idaho (Correct)
Illinois (Correct)
Indiana (Correct)
Iowa (Correct)
Kansas (Correct)
Kentucky (Correct)
Louisiana (Correct)

Maine (Correct)
Massachusetts (Correct)
Michigan (Correct)
Minnesota (Correct)
Mississippi (Correct)
Missouri (Correct)
Montana (WRONG)
Nebraska (Correct)
Nevada (Correct)
New Hampshire (Correct)
New Jersey (Correct)
New Mexico (Correct)
New York (Correct)
North Carolina (WRONG)
North Dakota (WRONG)
Ohio (WRONG)
Oklahoma (Correct)

Oregon (Correct)
Pennsylvania (Correct)
Rhode Island (Correct)
South Carolina (Correct)
South Dakota (Correct)
Tennessee (Correct)
Texas (Correct)
Utah (Correct)

Vermont (Correct)
Virginia (Correct)
Washington (Correct)
West Virginia (Correct)
Wisconsin (Correct)
Wyoming (Correct)

As I’ve noted several times, was fcking dead on.  Their final pre election day predictions (seen below) are some freaky shi!t…


P.S.  My projections had nothing directly to do with

Update: North Carolina went to Obama so wasn’t as dead on as I thought but close-a-damn-nough.

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