A Narrowing Race? No! But, Obama Won’t Complain About the Storyline

Everyone knows that Democrats are really lazy voters.  Horribly lazy.  So, if you’re a Democratic candidate, how do you get out the vote?  You obviously try to pitch the idea that the race is much closer than it appears.

While Obama has pleaded to his supporters over the past few days that this contest will narrow, the media is doing him the best favor imaginable by absolutely shoving this storyline down our throats.

The race – poll wise – will undoubtedly get closer.  Obama has already peaked when he was polling 14% ahead last week.   Stating the obvious, there is only a very slight chance that Obama beats mccain in the popular vote by more than 5-10%.

If this 5-10% margin of popular vote victory ends up being the case, the election will – by definition – turn out to be a landslide victory as originally seen on BccList.com here.  Regardless of the popular vote totals, the electoral map (290+ votes) will further highlight an Obama a$$ kicking.

Yada, yada, yada – I am getting bored of typing this run-on posting.  So, don’t get an ulcer!  We can only hope the “liberal elite media” continues to pitch headlines incorrectly speculating that the race will be closer than perceived.

Update: From BobCesca.com’s most recent posting…

“Today’s Gallup poll widened in favor of Obama. 52-43, as opposed to 51-44 yesterday. R2000 also widened in favor of Obama. 50-42 today, 50-43 yesterday. And Obama expanded his lead from three points to six points according to Zogby. 50-44 today, 48-45 yesterday.

Only two polls showed any tightening — and just barely. Rasmussen tightened. 50-46 today. 51-45 yesterday. Hotline also tightened. 47-42 today. 48-41 yesterday.”

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