Religulous – Good Flick

Religulous – starring Bill Maher – is a humorous documentary…definitely worthwhile. I can’t say I learned all that much – other than the story of Horus (below) – but, it was baffling to see some of the religious nut jobs he came across. I left feeling frustrated that any crack whore religion could end up determining the fate of everybody. Ugh.

The reviews say the movie is offensive to nearly everyone. Not true. Mormons won’t like the film. Catholics won’t mind it as 2 priests from the Vatican are shown surprisingly in a positive manner. In fact, one of the priests is nearly as funny as Maher is throughout the film. All other religions shouldn’t have too much of an issue.

The story of Horus (B.C.) – does it ring a bell?

Horus was born to a virgin with the god Osiris as his father. He was baptized in a river and the person who baptized him was beheaded. Later, he raised a man name Azra from the dead whose name translates into Lazarus. Then, he was betrayed, crucified, and rose from the dead 3 days later and was heralded by two women who revealed this miracle to the world.

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