cheney’s “Worst Thing” Was the Duck Hunting Accident?

Like missing the Obama iPhone App story from yesterday, I don’t know how this one slipped by my radar…

Jesus christ – and I try not to over use the JC bomb – but, did she really just say that the worst thing cheney was part of was a duck hunting accident? Seriously? How about the Valerie Plame CIA leak scandal? Oh my god.

I can assure you that the mccain camp is relieved this Couric segment has concluded. Ouch.

4 thoughts on “cheney’s “Worst Thing” Was the Duck Hunting Accident?

  1. Relax Marc…you’ve got a lifetime to bash the president that lead us through one of America’s most trying times…pace your liberal rantings…when McCain is elected, then you can rant. “Oh, we don’t want another 4 years of the last 8…oh, do you want another 4 years of the Bush admin???…” your goofy soundbites are getting old…good job Marc, let’s focus on a pretzel, maybe you could elaborate on that and figure out if the president choked on any other foods…

    Freakin’ Pansy Liberals…

    Ryan THE Conservative

    Ted Nugent for President ’12

  2. I am of the same vein as Ryan, the Nuge in 2012 running as Sarah’s VP need to keep hunters in the house. That is a new requirement for VP, no birdshot and point of aim point of contact. Hey C.G. I will gladely take you to the club at Thanksgiving, You can use the Nancy Pelosi targets myself I will stick to Jane Fonda. Wait until you see the Jane Fonda urinal targets.


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