8 thoughts on “The Alanis Morissette War?

  1. That is crazy…interesting comparison. I hope the “Bailout” continues to fail, but I’m afraid that it will eak through and we’ll really be up a ‘shit creek’ without a paddle…all that money!

  2. I can’t believe that we’re agreeing on this…that’s AWESOME!!!

    This “bail-out” or extortion as I would characterize it is just WRONG…

  3. Yeah, I definitely don’t get why everyone in government is rushing a $700 billion decision when this all could have been avoided in a more careful/calculated manner if the administration simply looked at the warning signs. From a UK (fitting for the US as well) publication in 2006…


    I made a point to a friend awhile ago over email that I don’t think a “new depression” is the worst thing that could ever happen to our country. In fact, I think it would do a lot of housekeeping by eliminating worthless risk/greed hungry companies. Perhaps it would even bring the country together after the last 8 brutal years. Imagine that!

    Of course, in 75 or so years we’ll like be trying to manage the same things that got us in this mess.

  4. I would agree with that…I think that it runs in cycles…pursuant to bad decisions, etc…

    Capitalism works, it has always worked, and always will, given that the Federal government stays out of the way, and stockholders and stakeholders make the companies they invest in accountable.

    That being said, ‘investing’ is risky, always has been, and so you can either win big or lose big, depending on how you invest, etc…

    This ‘crisis’, which isn’t as big a crisis as they let on, will help to correct many things. Namely, oil will drop to I’ll say $35-40/ barrel, which is where it should be anyway. Those who made risky loans will lose; those of us with cash will make money, and the markets will ‘right-side’ up and the dollar will be stronger because of it.

    Giving away 700 billion $ to the very people who screwed it up in the first place will not only increase our national debt more than I care to think about, but make it damn near impossible to ever dig out of this hole.

    Give the money to everyone with a mortgage and pay the debt down where it truly is, on “Main Street”…I hate that term, but it’s true.

    This is sickening spending…it’s a compulsive need to ‘spend’ our way out of a problem. It’s like people who eat to make themselves feel better, but there are consequences to these actions…even weaker dollar, rediculous national debt, and in the end, yes, higher taxes, while we’re paying $200/barrel for oil.

    Wow, that was quite a rant, but this is so serious, and I’m fearful that both the Republicans AND Democrats don’t get it…nope, I’m sure they don’t get it.

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