Sing for Change Obama Video: Obnoxious as Hell

People in California are fcking weird propping their kids up to sing a creepy pro-Obama song. But, these parents are not any weirder than Jesus camp parents. Woah – what about Jesus camp parents from California? Ahhhhh!

No, you can’t “blame” Obama for a few weird supporters…

Drudge Report, thank you.

9 thoughts on “Sing for Change Obama Video: Obnoxious as Hell

  1. This is extremely creepy … something you’d expect to see and hear in North Korea, where the children (and adults) march and chant in unison. These children aren’t old enough to even begin to realize what they are endorsing, and what they are opposing. This is another example of how Obama uses showmanship and crowds to substitute for a total lack of track record and experience.

  2. From my understanding, this video was completely independent of Obama’s campaign itself…so I don’t think it’s fair – or correct – to say that Obama is using “showmanship and crowds” to substitute for anything.

  3. So…Drudge report to the link down. WHY?

    this movie was taken off of youtube for a while. they tried to hide it or something. they also disabled all comments.

    drudge report should put the link up again, now that they have put it back on youtube!

  4. Ahhhhh!!! How cute…watching our future Berzerkely grads, homosexuals, enviornmentalist and animal rights whackos, Pro-Choice and N.O.W.(aka N.A.G.) members, birkenstock and tie-dye wearing, Patchoulli oil smelling kids praising their new found deity, the almighty Barack “INSANE” Obama…Remember folks…”IT TAKES A VILLAGE”

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