10 thoughts on “The Surge Keeps Working – “Mission Accomplished” Again?

  1. These people have been fighting since Jesus’ time…they’re not going to stop now. We stepped off in a huge hornet’s nest, and now by accomplishing more stability with the SURGE, we are plotting to get the heck out of Dodge so to speak.

    Will things be harmonious and will everyone stop the fighting: No, not ever, actually until Jesus comes back, these people will keep killing each other in the name of God, Allah, and whomever else THESE people pray to…

    There’s no magical overnight cease to the violence, never will be. The surge’s purpose to stabilize in order to pull out troops has worked, and that’s the focus of our current administration…plain and simple.

    The surge has worked…the drive-by’s though would lead you to believe otherwise.

  2. The debt rolls on no matter what happens in Iraq, Afghanistan, or at home…Greedy, Glory Hungry Politicians ensure that this continues, in an effort to push the American economic system to its knees, which they’re doing a great job of, and ushering in, wait for it, wait… SOCIALISM. Socialism is on Obama’s agenda with national health care and higher taxes, and look for the proposed ‘government takeover’ of oil production, and less rights for Americans.

    The writing is on the wall, making this election more important than those in the past! I encourage all to line up the two candidates and consider the framers’ intent of our great nation and Constitution, realizing the liberal, socialistic agenda of these far leftists…doesn’t mean you have to be a republican, just stand up for the democratic party and what it used to mean. 40 years ago both the Republican and Democratic parties were something to be admired, despite their flaws…now, both parties are bankrupt: the Republicans who are spenders and power happy, and the New Democratic Leftist Party that is looking to tear down America and bring a socialistic power play to Washington.

    Homework time…I’m tempted to become an Independent…my party left me a long time ago.

  3. As a political scientist, I understand the general political landscape and the devastating affect that third parties have on an election. I will vote McCain, not as a vote for McCain, as much as it is a vote against Obama.

    It is important that the conservatives line up behind McCain, because he is our only chance at averting 4 years of Socialism i.e. Obama.

    Barr and Nader will not have much of an affect on the election at all. The “democratic” party is the one in trouble, if you don’t swing the millions of Clinton supporters your way…I am betting on McCain; I don’t think Obama will win; there are too many factors against him.

    As enlightened as the far left thinks they are, they are overlooking a couple of factors that will get Obama in the end…and that’s just the way it is…right or wrong, I don’t think this Obama’s year, thus resulting in Clinton being able to play the ‘I told you so card’ in ’12.

    If I was a democrat, I would vote McCain, because Howard Dean and Obama are leading a far left agenda that has left millions of democrats out of the fold.

    I could be wrong, but I doubt it. Yep, I’m right. 🙂

  4. “As enlightened as the far left thinks they are, they are overlooking a couple of factors that will get Obama in the end”

    In the end, Americans care more about jobs/financial stability than race. That’s why you see Obama hovering around 47% and mccain consistently trailing. None of that current 47% support is going anywhere no matter what – we’re sick of the last 8 years.

    I hate to sound cocky but I’m never wrong about politics or the economy. Obama is going to absolutely destroy mccain this fall. Just wait for the debates…it will all go down hill from there unless something unforeseen occurs.

  5. In politics, expect the unexpected. Exit polls vs. results this primary season are the example from which I draw my ‘hunch’. I disagree wholeheartedly with racism, but unfortunately perhaps our nation hasn’t moved as far forward as we all would hope. I would say the same thing if Condeleeza was running too. She is a great person, but given the recent controversies and oversensitivity that we’ve seen with Imus and most recently Jesse Jackson, America still has ALOT of growing up to do…

    I don’t think this is his year.

    I’m rarely wrong, although admit when I am. I’ve made a lifetime of playing hunches, taking risks, and reaping the business rewards…I can’t wait to see who is right… Me, respectfully. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. I absolutely enjoy every moment of sparring with you on your site. You run a good outfit here, it’s interesting, and I appreciate you humoring this midwestern conservative. I will be awaiting your email on 11/4…I’ll be the one clinging to my religion and guns on that evening. Prepare yourself for 4 years of McCain, I think you’ll like him, he’s a little left of my views, so the moderates should love him…the leftists, not so much.


  7. Thank you.

    mccain is not going to live 4 more years, he doesn’t know what’s going on in the world today, he puts everyone to sleep when he talks, he’s an extension of bush, and he can’t get on the internet. There is no doubt I would vote for him for the president of his retirement community – he’s a patriot to say the least.

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