mccain Video – Safety of Oil Rigs (and Fish)?

Seriously, what the fck is this assbag mccain talking about?  He has OFFICIALLY lost his mind.

Even though this link states there were no major spills during hurricane Ike (3 oil platforms are missing), I wonder what a minor spill is?  Or, I wonder how environmentally friendly 3 chunks of metal are on the ocean floor?

The following is an article regarding the 595 oil spills that occurred during hurricanes Katrina and Rita…

Seems pretty safe.

3 thoughts on “mccain Video – Safety of Oil Rigs (and Fish)?

  1. Larry, I completely agree and have mentioned it on the blog for the last few months. He truly is slipping away – right in front of our eyes. It’s a shame his family and he are not enjoying the last few months of his life. This is not a man that should be considered for ANY position of leadership.

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